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Windows Server 2019 is best on Lenovo servers

It's the perfect pairing. Windows Server® 2019 is the cloud-ready, super-secure new OS ready to propel your business into the future. Lenovo® servers are specially optimized for it, providing rock-solid foundation plus industry-leading performance and reliability. Your smoothest upgrade path starts here.

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Gain the power to innovate

Windows Server 2019 harnesses the full power of the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors in Lenovo servers. You're ready for demanding new workloads like AI and DevOps.

Realise your cloud strategy

Windows Server 2019 is an intelligent hybrid platform that brides on-premises environments with the cloud, simplifies management with hyperconverged options, and helps you reduce business costs.

Modernise your security

Windows Server 2019 protects at the identity, IS, and virtualization layers to disrupt attacks and isolate vulnerable targets. Physical and data protection are built into Lenovo servers.

Break previous limits

With up to 24TB of memory per server, you can run all the virtual machines you need while handling huge workloads with Windows Server 2019 on Lenovo servers.


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Get all the benefits of Windows Server 2019 on the best server hardware from Lenovo. Contact us directly to see how easy it is to make the upgrade. Click below to have a specialist get in touch.

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Want to know more about Windows Server 2019's technical features, how it compares with past versions, and the implications of Windows Server 2008 End of Support? Click for useful downloads.

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